Crash!Grade 5 - What is Crash ! Course ?

Crash! Course is a short, intensive course which covers the complete ABRSM Grade 5 Theory syllabus. In fact, Crash! Course does more than that: it also covers all the content of each preceding grade. In five weeks, students will be prepared to sit Grade 5 Theory (even with no formal prior theory experience) by learning how to integrate their previous knowledge, how to approach new learning and how to deal with complex questions.


Throughout the course, there are 12.5 hours of tuition (5 sessions of 2.5 hours) and there is email support from start to finish. Weekly emails with encouragement and tips for completing the homework are sent. Students know they can email any questions or problems and receive a swift response, right up until they have sat the exam.


How does it work ?

How is it possible to cover so much content in just 5 weeks? Well, Crash!Course uses a thematic approach to build understanding of the foundations of music theory. Once the foundations are firm, each topic is introduced in a progressive manner, ensuring students incorporate their existing knowledge and understanding. Crash!Course uses homework as a vital tool each week to reinforce learning and understanding.


Who is it for ?

Crash!Course is for anyone who wants to do ABRSM Grade 5 Theory and who is currently at least Grade 5 standard on their instrument / voice. Students need to read musical notation fluently in at least one clef, preferably both treble and bass clef. Students need to be prepared to work hard – the course is fast-paced, requires concentration and commitment.


When is it ?

Crash!Course is offered during each ABRSM examination period – typically beginning around the closing date for exam entry applications. The course runs for 5 sessions, currently Thursday evening from 6.30 – 9.00pm. Check online for current details.


The course usually finishes two or three weeks before the theory exam date. This allows students time to continue practising with past papers. There is continued email support available throughout this time so any last-minute queries can be cleared up.


Where is it ?

Crash!Course has been delivered in many venues including Ballymena Academy, Victoria College, Antrim Grammar and Ballee Community High School. If you are interested in hosting Crash!  Course in your school, teaching studio or area, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange it. Tel. 07526 278 609 or email:



Before Crash!Course, theory felt overwhelming and complicated.  Now I feel it’s actually manageable and do-able.  I actually enjoy it!  I finally understand!  My favourite bit of Crash!Course was the fun and casual approach to something I always found so challenging to understand.  Thanks Debbie!" 


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