Accompaniment for Music Exams

Usually instrumental and singing exams require piano accompaniment to complete the performance. At the earlier grades, while the melodies being played or sung are still quite simple, the piano accompaniment can enhance the performance, providing more harmonic interest. At intermediate and higher levels, the repertoire often takes advantage of the piano accompaniment to display the soloist’s musicianship and understanding. Younger performers often enjoy having a familiar face in the exam room or on stage with them, whilst more advanced performers enjoy the interaction with another experienced musician.


If you or your child require(s) an accompanist for an exam, contact me as soon as possible. Even though you are unlikely to know the actual date of the exam at that stage, I will put you on the list and we can arrange rehearsals. Let me know as soon as your exam date is given so your time can be reserved.



If you require an accompanist for instrumental or singing exams for students in your school, contact me as soon as possible. We can arrange rehearsals for your students either during school hours in your school, or they can contact me privately to arrange rehearsals out of school hours. Whether your school is the venue or you are using an exam centre, let me know as soon as your exam dates are known so they can be reserved.


Since 1998 I have accompanied a huge range of performances, ranging from the preparatory test (pre-Grade 1) to fellowship diploma, from six year-olds to seasoned professionals. If your child is doing an instrumental or singing exam and requires piano accompaniment, or if you are performing in a festival or concert, you can expect a fun and professional service – just contact me to ensure availability and arrange rehearsal times.



Fees are inclusive of rehearsal(s), mileage and the exam itself.


  • £20.00 Grades 1 – 2 including up to 30 minutes of rehearsal

  • £30.00 Grades 3 – 4 including up to 45 minutes of rehearsal

  • £35.00 Grade 5 including up to 45 minutes of rehearsal

  • £40.00 Grade 6 including up to 60 minutes of rehearsal

  • £45.00 Grade 7 including up to 90 minutes of rehearsal

  • £50.00 Grade 8 including up to 120 minutes of rehearsal


Extra rehearsal will be charged pro rata.

Contact me for current rates (£27.00 per hour 2021)

Accompaniment for Festival Performances 

Check the individual festival programme for information regarding accompanists. Often there is an official accompanist available at certain / all sessions. If so, make sure you comply with regulations regarding sending music to the accompanist in advance. However, if you are performing more advanced repertoire that requires rehearsal, check that it is permissible to bring your own accompanist.


As with exams, contact me as soon as you think you need an accompanist – the schedule can get very full at festival time! We can then arrange rehearsals in advance. Rehearsals and performances will be charged pro rata.



If you have any other event for which you require an accompanist or pianist, do contact me for availability and fees. Contact me on 07526 278 609 or email debbiematier@yahoo.co.uk